SGK-SKALA is a private company, established in 1991 by specialists with more than 20 years experience in weight measuring control and automation of the industrial processes. There is a combined intellectual potential and long standing experience of highly qualified specialists in research, design and engineering in the field of automation, of continuous and discrete processes in industry, microprocessor hardware, as well as building integrated systems for control and management.

SGK-SKALA produces and offers electronic scales - truck, railroad, platform, counting, belt, crane, flow meter, electronic dosing systems, modules and installations for special-purpose, software specialized for research and management. On the market, it offers load cells from the international leader VISHAY TEDEA HUNTLEIGH, controllers for managing the technology processes from the British company DATA TRACK, crane scales, dynamometers and equipment from the American company MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL.

The Modern Electronic Scales and Dosing Systems of today are not limited only to weighing function. Today they play important roles in managing, production, inventory keeping of sources and materials for each Technical Process.

Because of the present time of international technologies and mobile communications, SGK-SKALA moves with the novelties -  builds up local networks connected by a radio channel. Basic constructive elements of the network can be any kind of sources for measurement - independent electronic process sensors for measuring the temperature, pressure, volume, electrical quantities, mechanical exertions and mass - electronic truck, railroad, platform, counting, crane, belt weightings, electronic dosing systems.

Quality and safety are sure without compromise and guaranteed by the offered equipment. SGK-SKALA is certified in ISO 9001:2008.

Showing that the people of SGK-SKALA are responsible for:


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